Levels of Training

PSB Therapist

Fully trained in the PSB-CBT model. Met full fidelity for both the children's and caregivers' groups and/or full fidelity for the family model.

Within-Agency Trainer

PSB Therapist that facilitates didactic and clinical trainings for new PSB-CBT staff and students.  The new staff and students are ONLY at the same agency the therapist was originally trained.  They are not allowed to train staff or students at another agency.  Within-Agency Trainers are lead facilitators in agency PSB-CBT clinical program, provides ongoing training and mentorship to staff and students in the PSB-CBT clinical program, and supports therapists to become fully trained in the PSB-CBT model.  See more information here

Clinical Trainer

Invitation Only.
Clinical Trainer that has been approved by a Master Trainer to provide large-scale PSB-CBT clinical training.  They are members of the OU PSB-CBT Training Team and support the clinical training (conducted in conjunction with the senior leader track training) in the Learning Collaborative format.  All trainings are limited to sites located within the United State of America  and approved by OU PSB-CBT Master Trainers.  Clinical Trainers are paired with a Master Trainer to provide the clinical track and clinical consultation for the PSB-CBT Learning Collaboratives. 

Master Trainer

OUHSC Affiliation; Invitation Only.
Core OU PSB-CBT Training Team who plans, improves, and regulates policies and procedures related to PSB-CBT training.  Master Trainers work together to coordinate large-scale PSB-CBT clinical training without limits to location. 

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