Senior Leader Training

The OU PSB-CBT program has examined training strategies and success to support implementation and sustainability of PSB-CBT. We found that training individual providers in isolation is not successful. Rather, successful implementation is more likely achieved with a learning collaborative model in which service agency leadership are invested in and actively involved in the training, as well as key community agencies (e.g., child protective services, law enforcement, and schools). The Learning Collaborative was adapted from the Breakthrough Series Collaborative methodology first developed in 1995 by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Associates in Process Improvement. In 2005, Duke University and the University of California, Los Angeles (functioning as the National Center for Child Traumatic Stress), began adapting the methodology to focus on spreading, adopting, and adapting evidence-based practices within organizations that serve children impacted by trauma. Our adapted Learning Collaborative includes intensive training in PSB-CBT, as well as training methods designed to help senior leaders in participating agencies and collaborative community agencies make necessary organizational and policy changes to fully implement and sustain the practice.