Training Requests

Prior to application for funding to implement PSB-CBT training for your agency, community, or state, please check on availability of our team at  Due to high volumes of PSB-CBT training requests and length of time required to meet fidelity in the model, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center PSB-CBT T/TA Program is under no obligation to provide training to any agency or program that has not previously checked as to the availability of our team, and provided a letter of intent to the PSB-CBT T/TA Team in order to hold space on the waitlist.  Priority will be given to projects with multiple teams being trained (i.e., Statewide Learning Collaborative).  As space allows, single site training requests may be paired with a larger training project.

Download flyer more information on Levels of PSB-CBT Training, as well as What it Takes to Provide a Successful PSB-CBT Learning Collaborative.

Please complete the PSB-CBT Training Request form.  We will review the information and respond accordingly.

NOTE - There is a waitlist for the PSB-CBT T/TA Training Program though 2022.

Training Cost

Cost of training in the Problematic Sexual Behavior - Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (PSB-CBT) Learning Collaborative varies based on treatment model (Preschool, School-Age, Adolescent), cognitive-behavioral treatment group of family intervention modality, and number of clinicians trained to fidelity.  Travel (airfare, lodging, local transportation/rental car, per diem) for the training team (minimum of 2 clinical trainers and 1 senior leader trainer) is not included and will need to be estimated for budgeting purposes.

If a trainee fails to complete the fidelity requirements in the scope and timeframe of the contract, additional fidelity monitoring can be provided at an additional $150.00 per hour until requirements have been met. 

Preschool (3-6)

Preschool training is not being scheduled at this time. 

School-Age (7-12)

The cost listed below is intended for Learning Collaboratives with six (6) teams, minimum of 24 clinical trainees, and at least one (1) Senior Leader from each team.  Single site agencies should contact for cost and availability. 

Training and consultation includes training one team of a minimum of 2 clinicians (family) or minimum 4 clinicians (group), 1 clinical supervisor, and 1 senior leader trained in the PSB-CBT School-Age model at a cost of $4,500 - $5,500 per Clinician, and $2,500 per Clinical Supervisor*/Senior Leader

*If Clinical Supervisor will be meeting fidelity requirements, cost would be the same as Clinician. 

Costs included in the above rates:
  • Provision of pre-work materials
  • Information Call
  • Review of the Agency Application and Provider Applications
  • Welcome Call
  • Live PSB-CBT Training
    • Learning Session 1: Overview and Assessment Training (3 Days)
    • Learning Session 2: Clinical Treatment Training, Part 1 (3 Days)
    • Learning Session 3: Clinical Treatment Training, Part 2 (3 Days)
    • Learning Session 4: Advanced Training (1 Day)
  • PSB-CBT training kit for the group or family modality for each team
  • Printing costs, including Background and Program Development Manual, the PSB-CBT School-Age Treatment Manual, and Learning Session Training Guides for each trainee
  • Twice a month clinical consultation calls for up to 12 months, depending on trainees' progress toward fidelity, which includes review of recorded therapy sessions
  • Access to OUHSC OneDrive to upload session recordings for fidelity monitoring
  • Access to the National Center on the Sexual Behavior of Youth (NCSBY) private resources section
  • Monthly Senior Leader calls 
  • Additional training and technical assistance, as needed

Adolescent (13-18)

Email for cost related to adolescent (13-18) Learning Collaborative. 

_Apply for Training - computer

Cost listed - Approved October 2020.  Subject to change.