Within-Agency Training

An Agency, defined as a sponsoring organization that provided the structure and support to implement the PSB-CBT training program, can nominate through submission of an application one or more Candidate(s) who have completed all training requirements of the PSB-CBT model in which they were trained, including completion of fidelity criteria for the caregiver and child/adolescent curricula.

PSB-CBT Requirements for Within-Agency Trainers

Candidate(s) to be Within-Agency Trainers in the PSB-CBT model must complete the requirements for the specific PSB-CBT model for which they will provide training.

WATer Training Course Time Estimates

The OU PSB-CBT-S Within-Agency Trainer (WATer) training course is available to approved WATer Candidates and is no less than approximately seven months or more than one year. One PSB-S Master Trainer could facilitate the training course for up to two sites with one or more Candidates each. Time estimates are based on training one WATer Candidate at one site and could increase/decrease depending on need. Additional time would be needed in some task categories if more than one Candidate was participating at the same site and/or two sites were concurrently participating in the training course. Each additional Candidate at a site would require an additional 11 hours. Notations are included in the "Task" category to identify which tasks would require additional time and in what increments. If three or more sites concurrently participate in the training course, then an additional PSB-S Master Trainer would be needed for each additional 1-2 participating sites and all time estimates would double.

Within-Agency Trainer Application

Within-Agency Trainers are invited to apply for training by PSB-CBT trainers.  Once invited, the WATer application must be competed in its entirety, as well as a letter of support from agency administration.

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